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According to Microsoft Corporation, "97% of consumers say customer
service is important in their choice of and/or loyalty to, a brand."

  • KwikiChat - separates you from your competition, offering an awesome customer experience that is sure to bring sales, repeat sale and increase loyalty. Try it now!
  • Give Them Want They Want - When website visitors want to speak to someone before making a buying decision KwikiChat connects them INSTANTLY with you with a simple "click connect" button. Try it now!
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KwikiChat helps convert visitors into buyers.

Build customer trust and confidence in your business using KwikiChat. A study by the American Marketing Association found that conversions increase by 20% and customers are 3 times more likely to buy after engaging with a website operator using some sort of chat software. KwikiChat takes chat to a whole NEW level with face-to-face interaction.

KwikikChat will proactively invite website visitors to connect with you helping you to close more sales and reduce website abandonment which is the number one obstacle that website owners struggle with the most. You do not need to struggle any more, thanks to KwikiChat.

KwikiChat invites your visitors to connect with you in real time.

Some KwikiChat Features and Benefits are listed Below

New features will be added soon to help you DO MORE!

KwikiChat, more than just chat.
KwikiChat connects buyers and sellers in real time.
Kwikichat offers text, audio and videos calls.

Multiple Chat Options

Potential buyers can choose to connect with you via text chat, audio chat (like a phone) or 2-way, LIVE, interactive video chat.

Kwikichat lets buyers make phone calls to sellers.

Switching Between Chat Options

No matter which method buyers choose to connect with you they can easily switch to other methods seemlessly. 

KwikiChat connects buyers and sellers using 2-way interactive video calling.

Video Chat

2-way video chat is definetly the choice of potential buyers but they can easily switch to other methods without dropping the call. 

KwikiChat's push URL and Canned Responses help you work more efficiently.

Canned Responses and Push URLs

You can store answer to common questions as well as URLs so you can easily respond and guide buyers around your website.

KwikiChat integrates with top autoresponder programs so you build your subscriber list.

Build Your Subscriber List

KwikiChat allows you to easily integrate most popular autoresponder services so you can build your list.

KwikiChat provides text, audio and video transcripts to both buyers and sellers.

Call Transcripts (in developement)

Whether you have a text, audio or video call with a buyer it is all recorded and available for up to 48 hours to you and your buyer.

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  • Number of operators
  • Ad Free
  • Upload picture
  • Add/change logo
  • Add/edit tag line
  • Edit welcome message
  • Upgrades
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  • Privacy
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  • No tracking/following you.
  • Immediately to 12 hrs
KwikiChat takes all the risk, offering you a 30 day money back guarantee.

Chat Instantly With Buyers

KwikiChat's cloud infrastructure does most of the work.

Quick Installation

Simply add a small snippet of code to any web page you want visitors to connect with you from. Your site must use https.

Easy To Use

Visitors click a button and the connection is made to your mobile phone or tablet. You answer by simply clicking the KwikiChat app.

Cost Effective

No need to break the bank. For less than the price of coffee a day you can connect with buyers on your site eagerly wanting to buy.

A Few Quick FAQs

YES. KwikiChat works on iPhone running iOS 10 or higher. Support for iPad coming soon.

KwikiChat will run on Android phones using operating system 4.2 or higher. At the moment KwikiChat will not run on Android tablets. This upgrade will happen soon.

YES. The only requirement is that your website must be protected using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In other words your website address must use https and NOT rely on simply http. If you do not have a SSL certificate on your website consult your hosting company and they should be able to install one for you.

YES. Security and privacy are parramount and we encrypt any content being shared between KwikiChat's website companion app and the mobile app.

YES. If for any reason during your first 7 days you are not 100% satisfied with KwikiChat's service then simply submit a support ticket and request a refund. We will ask no questions and will issue you a refund within 24 hours of your request. We are so confident that you will enjoy kwikiChat's service that we are willing to take all the risk.

YES. Simply visit our help desk by clicking HERE and send any questions or feature suggestions to us. We will respond accordingly. 


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